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The crew of Copenhagen Steelband are all hardened musicians with years of experience within both steel band music and other genres of rhythmical or even classical music. See below a brief presentation of the musicians of the band.

The rhythm section of Copenhagen Steel Band could with some justice be called the band's engine room. With a razor-sharp precision the section founds the beat that is so characteristic for the Copenhagen Steelband Sound. And the corny solos on the congas and timbales are a indispensable part of the band's sound and performance.

Drums - Svend Leth

Svend on the drums is the main engine of Copenhagen Steelband rhythm. With unfailing precision, he is in charge of the tight and cutthroat beat, that characterizes the band's sound. Svend has been behind the drums since the band started in 1981, with interruptions from detours in other bands. Svend has among others played in Balsam, the main trendsetting soca band in Denmark throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Svend Leth

Per Trøjgaard Percussions - Per Trøjgaard

Per in the man on congas and other handheld percussions. From the middle of the band, where he has been since 1997, he is using his brilliant breadth of musical view to govern the band's rhythm section - if he is not in the middle of one of his phenomenal congas solos. Per is from a family with long musical traditions, and has all his live played in a vast number of bands.

Percussions - Kresten Madsen

"Iron man" er timingen i Steelband og grund rytmen i Soca.
I Copenhagen Steelband er det Timbales og ko klokker der varetager denne karateristiske sound. Timbales er også stemmen der med mange soli er med til at fange publikum og skabe helheden i orkestret.



Ny musiker

The Bass section of Copenhagen Steelband is a huge thing. With 6 full-size oil drums, the bass section takes a lot of space, but is an impressive sight. The section is placed in the back row, and takes care of the deepest sounds of the band's sound picture.

Morten Sylvestersen Bass pans - Morten Sylvestersen

Morten is Denmark's definite most experienced steel band bass player. He has excelled behind the basses in Copenhagen Steelband for more than 20 years, and must be considered the most skilled and best playing steel band bass player in Denmark (and probably in many other countries). When he is not playing bass, the main instrument is guitar, and on the guitar he has participated in many band constellations.

Bass pans - Per Vitoft

1992 was the year when Per first put his feet behind the bass-pans in Copenhagen Steel Band - a position which he carried throughout 8 years. But then it was time for a family increases, so Per was "granted paternity leave" indefinitely. In autumn 2008, we gladly accept the returnees of Per, now once again has taken his mighty instrument. Outside the steel band, the electric bass is Pers instrument - and on rare occasions one can even see him play at contrabass.

Per Vitoft

The chord voices Guitar pan and Tenor pan constitutes the band's hard working midfield. Along with the rhythm section they are with their blown up hard rhythmic accompaniment a very important element in the characteristic sound, that only can be experienced with Copenhagen Steelband.

Sten Marcher  Guitar pans - Sten Marcher

Since 2004, Sten has pumped up the chords into a swinging beat. Sten learned his new instrument very fast, and was able to go on his first tour after only 6 months. Outside the band, Sten teaches something as far from steel band music, as truck driving.

Tenor pans - Anders Sørensen

Tenor tønderne varetager den høje del af akkordsektionen, og udgør med deres karakteristiske ”bjæffen” en uundværlig del af den karakteristiske Copenhagen Steelband sound.


Anders Sørensen

The Barytone voice is the band's hanging forward. With it's depths and copiousness sound, the voice fills in the blanks between the profound basses and the high sopranos and altos. Both as a lower part to the melody, and as a supplement to the chords.

Henning Jørgensen Barytone pans - Henning Jørgensen

Henning is the band's musical leader, and in concerts, the man in the middle. He has juggled behind the Barytone pans since 1988, and has been in charge of the arrangements of a great deal of the repertoire. Henning is a great part of the composer group of the band.

Besides the steel bans, the main instrument is piano, and as a pianist, Henning has played in a number of jazz constellations.

Alto pan is the instrument for the steel pan equilibrist. With it's comprehensive sound of voice, and the big range at over 2 and a half octave, the alto has an important role in the melody section of Copenhagen Steelband.

Alto pans - Lars Monrad Petersen

Lars has played alto pan since the beginning of the 1980's and is a very skilled and experienced performer of the instrument. In Copenhagen Steelband, Lars has handled the alto pans since 1993. Besides steel band, Lars is a true pop musician, and has participated in (and won) several music contests.

Lars Monrad Petersen

Timm Jensen Alto pans - Kim Sørensen


The spearhead of Copenhagen Steelband is without doubt the sopranos. With their light, yet very powerful sound, they carry the highest of the melody voice. The sopranos can be compared to the forwards in football who with sexy dribbles and tasty details makes the music an integrated work of art.

Soprano pan - Timm Jensen

Timm was an early starter, seen from a musical perspective. He was equipped with drums at the age of 10, and soon after, the percussions, xylophone, vibraharp followed. At the age of 13 Timm played his very first steel pan, so you can imagine there are many years of hard work and experience behind the beautiful sonorous melody that Timm fill the air with, in the Copenhagen Steel Band front line.

Timm Jensen

Flemming Leth Soprano pan - Flemming Leth

Flemming is Copenhagen Steel Band's grand old man, as he is the only one who has been in the band continuously since 1981. And Flemming has always controlled the soprano pan elegantly in the front line of the band. When he sees a piano, he is often not capable of walking away - on this instrument it's Scott Joplin's wonderful ragtime classics Flemming declared his love to.