The crispy sound of the steeldrums and the intence rythm from the drums and percussion fascinates the young as well as the old. This is why Copenhagen Steelband is the perfect choice for arrangements like musical festivals, indoor concerts, private parties and other arrangements where you want the music to be just a little more exotic than usual.

Copenhagen Steelband plays acoustical, which means that we can play at almost any kind of arrangement.

Since we don't necessarily need power for amplifying the sound, it is obvious to use Copenhagen Steelband for outdoor concerts - garden parties, beach parties, outdoor receptions and more. We need an area 6 meters wide and 4 meters deep - and then of course facilities to cover the instruments in case it rains...

Private outdoor garden concert in Weimar, Germany.

We often play actual stage-concerts on bigger or smaller stages - and with amplified sound. The best result is achieved with 8-10 "overhead" microphones, that covers the sound from the entire band. At smaller indoor concerts there is however no need to amplify the sound. The steeldrums have enough sound to cover smaller rooms even without PA-sound.

Smaller stage-concert in Lyngby, Denmark.

Copenhagen Steelband is a natural choice for street-concerts. We have often performed on streets and squares - either directly on the ground or on smaller stages. It always gathers a large crowd of people, and spreads a nice atmosphere among the audience.

Street-concert on Strøget in Copenhagen.

Even though steeldrums are not especially mobile, it is often seen, that Copenhagen Steelband plays in street-parades. An open truck at least 6 meters long will work just fine as a mobile stage, and it is quite an impressive sight to hear and see a steelband playing on a rolling stage.