Steelbands are like any other things you can buy - you can get them in many different qualities. If you are buying a car, you can choose a Mercedes or an old Skoda. Your daily groceries can be high quality or discount.

We do not blush when we compare Copenhagen Steelband with the above mentioned Mercedes or the high quality groceries. If you make an arrangement with Copenhagen Steelband, you will not be disappointed, but get the quality you expect. If you want to be sure, then check out our mp3 samples and listen to some of the tunes.

You will not be able to find detailed information about our prices on this website. The prices are among other things based on the distance we have to travel, the duration of the concert, the time of day etc. We do not have any geographic limitations - but we will of course set the price at a level, that covers all our costs related to the concert.

If you wish to book Copenhagen Steelband for your arrangement, or if you just want to know more about the band, feel free to contact us.

Copenhagen Steelband
c/o Mr. Timm Jensen

Phone: +45 26 84 99 45